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Pathfinders, the online Honors Library is meant to give you a wide exposure to many honors that you might not have access to otherwise.  Think of this as an introduction to the honor to see if you want to do all of the requirements or not.  Earning an honor happens once the Pathfinder has completed all of the requirements necessary for that honor.  Enjoy the library. Learn new knowledge and skills.  And if that topic really interests you, work with your Club Director to give you input on how to complete the remaining requirements and once you have done that, to order that patch. Thank you for your understanding.

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Florida Conference Clubs: Our online store only carries NAD and FL Conference Honors for purchase through your Club Director.

These Honors were taught LIVE

Parrots & Cockatoos

Disability Awareness

String Art

Disability Awareness

String Art

Gospel in the Stars

Gospel in the Stars Adv

Level 1 Honors

Aboriginal Lore

Alive Bible

Animal Tracking

Basic Rescue


There are two videos listed below. You are not required to watch both.

Disaster Response

Feeding Ministries

God's Messanger

Identifying Community Needs


You must already have completed the Rocks & Minerals Honor


This Honor is only taught in Spanish


Poetry and Songwriting


Refugee Assistance

Level 2 Honors

Christian Sales Principles


Disciples and Apostles

Drumming & Percussion

Rural Development


Level 3 Honors

Barbering & Hairstyle

Crisis Intervention

Currency (Coins)


Lichens, Liverworts, & Mosses