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Florida Conference Children and Family Ministries has a new adventure for you next year. We are planning a family enrichment trip to Egypt, Jordan and Israel.

This will be a life-changing experience for you and your family. You will travel through Egypt, visit the great Pyramids, enjoy seeing Mount Sinai, encounter Jerusalem—the birthplace of Jesus— and many more sights. This is the perfect opportunity for your family to learn about the life of Jesus, and walk where He walked.

We are partnering with Gospel Travel. They have taken the time to put together a great trip for us. They will also get us safely through each area that we travel.

Contact Gospel Travel with any questions: | (919) 577-0043.

Here are your next steps:




AUGUST 30 – SEPTEMBER 14, 2022

August 30, Tuesday – Departure to our Biblical Tour from Miami

Our life-changing journey begins tonight as we board our overnight flight to Cairo, Egypt.


August 31, Wednesday – Cairo

We arrive in Cairo to the land of the pharaohs, upon arrival in Cairo, we meet our guide and driver who will transport us to the hotel for dinner and rest for the night. Accommodation in Cairo.


September 1, Thursday – Cairo, Pyramids & Egyptian Museum

Breakfast at the hotel, Visits to the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx on the Giza plateau. Admire the statue of the Sphinx with the lion’s head and the lion’s face. Continue to visit the great Egyptian museum that shows the treasures of Tutankhamun and remains of ancient Egypt. Dinner and accommodation in Cairo.


September 2, Friday – Cairo – Mara – Elim – Sharm El Sheikh

After breakfast, departure with our luggage to Sharm El Sheikh, 6 hours away. Stop at Marah named after a bitter spring in the South Desert, on the route to Sinai, where the Israelites camped about 3 days after crossing the Red Sea. Its bitter and unpleasant waters were miraculously sweetened by Moses to calm the murmurings of the people (Exo 15: 23-26; Num 33: 8, 9), Elim, according to the Hebrew Bible, was one of the places where the Israelites camped after his Exodus from Egypt. It is referred to in Exodus 15.27 and Numbers 33.9 as a place where “there were twelve wells of water and seventy date palms,” and that the Israelites “camped there near the waters. Arrive at your hotel, go to the lobby to check in. This afternoon. small Jeep ride (optional) our dinner and reception on Saturday is in the company of a Bedouin family in tents in the desert, Dinner-Transfer to the hotel in Sharm El Sheikh.


September 3, Saturday – Sharm El Sheikh – Mt Sinai. Lunch included

After breakfast, those who are willing and able will depart for a memorable ride to Mount Sinai. You can choose to ride a part of the camel trail (NOT INCLUDED), stopping at one of the stations to enjoy the scenery along the climb to the summit (750 steps). Once at the top, enjoy a moment of reflection or enjoy the hotel’s facilities. Dinner and accommodation Sharm El Sheikh.


September 4, Sunday – Mt. Sinai – Red Sea – Arava Border

After breakfast, time to enjoy the facilities. In the early afternoon we will go to the Red Sea. We will proceed to cross the Israel – Jordan border, continue towards the Arava border from where after the immigration procedures we continue (Entry visa and border fees included in the price) Your guide will meet you at the Arava border, will drive to Aqaba, dinner, and accommodation.


September 5, Monday – Petra

Depart early in the morning to proceed to drive towards “City of the Red Rose” and one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Petra. Be prepared to do a lot of walking on the sand and rocks, as this tour will last a maximum of 4 hours, depending on your walking pace. Petra is Jordan’s largest attraction and was first established around the 6th century B.C. By the Nabatean Arabs, a nomadic tribe that settled in the area and laid the foundations of a commercial empire that extended to Syria. Walk through the canyon or the so-called Siq to see the most beautiful monument – the Treasury Building that rises over 140 feet and continue along the street facades to the royal tombs and Pharaoh Castle. You will have some free time after exploring on your own. Dinner and accommodation at the Petra hotel.


September 6, Tuesday – Bethany – Mt Nebo – Madaba – Amman

After breakfast, departure to visit Bethany, beyond the Jordan on the Jordan River, in the Jordan Valley. This is the place where Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist. You can also look at the Hill of Elijah where the prophet Elijah is believed to have ascended into heaven. Drive to Mt Nebo, which is approximately 710 meters (2,330 feet) above sea level, with views of the Jordan Valley, the Dead Sea, and parts of the Holy Land. It was mentioned in the Bible as the place where Moses was granted to see the Promised Land before he died and supposedly the burial place of him. We continue to the “City of Mosaics” Madaba, where you can find the famous mosaic map of Jerusalem and the Holy Land from the 6th century in the church of St. George, as well as the other mosaic in the Archaeological Museum. dinner and overnight in Amman.


September 7, Wednesday – Hotel Amman – Jerash – Sheik Hussein Border

Breakfast at the hotel, with our luggage, we continue to visit the ancient Jerash. Upon arrival, a local Spanish-speaking guide will meet you at the monumental Southgate and will be with you for 1 hour to visit the spectacular forum, the Roman columns, the Nymphaeum, and the Temple of Artemis. Jerash is the best example of a Roman provincial city in the entire Middle East. You will have free time to explore for 1 more hour alone. Here we end our tour in Jordan. Drive for 87.2 km, and take 1.48 hours to Sheik Hussein border, entry into Israel, dinner and overnight in Tiberias (Galilee).


September 8, Thursday – Galilee

After breakfast, visit the Mount of Beatitudes, where Jesus gave perhaps his most famous and forever preached sermon: “The Sermon on the Mount” (Matthew 5). We will continue to Capernaum, center of the Ministry of Jesus in Galilee and site of many of his miracles (Mark 2: 4; Matthew 8: 5; 14-17; 9: 1-7; 17:18). We will see the remains of Peter’s house and the site of the synagogue where Jesus taught and worshiped God (Mark 1:21; Luke 4:31). Boat trip on the Sea of Galilee. Then the visit of Yardenit, commemorating the baptism of Jesus by his cousin John, Dinner and Accommodation in the Galilee.


September 9, Friday – Galilee – Jerusalem

After breakfast we will leave Galilee and begin our day with a visit to Migdal, the birthplace of Mary Magdalene (Luke 8: 1-2) that already offers pilgrims the opportunity to visit a place where Jesus walked and taught; and to relive the experience of the first followers of Jesus, among whom Mary Magdalene was counted in a special way. This makes Midgal a special place in the Holy Land, having a city from the first century where the inhabitants met in the synagogue and where surely Jesus was and taught, we continue to Cana for couples who want to renew their wedding vows and visit of the old church located in this city, we continue to Nazareth city of the adolescence of Jesus, to visit The Valley of Nazareth replicates the childhood of Jesus. The town essentially serves as a living history museum that allows visitors to discover what it was like to live in the first century, in the same way that Jesus would have. The village consists of a meticulous recreation of the farms and the town that existed during the childhood of Jesus. We will observe the replica of a synagogue and houses with architecture of the first century, while the villagers are dressed in traditional clothes. Villagers interact with visitors and demonstrate the daily lives of those who lived during the New Testament. Wailing Wall at the time scheduled by the guide to receive Saturday. We will have dinner and spend the night in the city of the Great King (Psalms 48: 2). Dinner and accommodation: Jerusalem.


September 10, Saturday – Jerusalem

We will start with a panoramic visit of the city, Mount Moriah, and the Dome of the Rock from Mount of Olives; We continue towards the Garden of Gethsemane and have time to meditate. We will walk through the Kidron Valley, and we will pass near the Golden Entrance. Upon arrival in Jerusalem, we will enter through Stephen’s gate to visit the Pool of Bethesda, where Jesus healed a paralyzed man. Then we must travel parts of the Via Dolorosa. Special moment at the Garden Tomb, Holy Supper. Dinner and accommodation in Jerusalem.


September 11, Sunday – Masada / Dead Sea / Qumram

After an early breakfast at 8:00 AM we will depart towards the Dead Sea area, until we descend to the lowest point in the world, 1305 feet (398m) below sea level. Our first stop is Jericho, the oldest inhabited city in the world and the first city conquered by Joshua (Joshua 6), then we will go to the people of Israel, to the promised land and where the waters of the Jordan River were divided (Joshua 3 and 4). We will also see the Mount of Temptations where Jesus was tempted by the devil after forty days and forty nights of fasting (Matthew 4), We will visit Masada, we will ascend to the top of the fortress by cable car. Our walk among the ruins of this historic place is enhanced by the fantastic view of the Dead Sea. Qumran, entrance to see the video that explains events in the area, where a young man discovered in 1948 the scrolls written by the ancient sect of Jews that lived in the caves of the area in the time of Jesus (we will be able to see the scrolls tomorrow during our visit to the Israel Museum). Then we will have free time to float in the Dead Sea, a place where everyone floats due to its high salinity and covered in mud, rich in minerals that renews the skin. Finally, we will have dinner and accommodation: Jerusalem.


September 12, Monday – Belen

After breakfast, we have the morning free to enjoy and rest at our hotel. This afternoon at 1:00 pm we will leave for our lunch in the wonderful city that had the honor of seeing our Messiah born, in Bethlehem! We will visit the Field of the Shepherds, the Church of the Nativity, and the Manger. Dinner and accommodation in Jerusalem.


September 13, Tuesday – Jerusalem

Very early in the morning we are going to visit Neot Kedumim Park. Walk the Bible with us in Neot Kedumim Park, where the parables of Jesus come to life!” Enter the good land that the Lord your God gives you as an inheritance “Deuteronomy 4:21” All these things Jesus spoke to the multitude in parables “(Matthew 13:34) Tour our Bible Park, which has 625 acres of restored hills and valleys, just like the landscape that Jesus walked on. See expansive views of vineyards, olive trees, and fields of wheat, barley, and learn the true meaning of the land that flows with milk and honey. Visit ancient agricultural facilities like cisterns, oil and wine presses, and threshing floors with quotes from the Old and New Testaments. Walk our biblical plant trails that engage all your senses to discover the ancient landscape through color, taste, and fragrance. Learn the meaning of iconic biblical plants such as sycamore, almond, hyssop, etc. Tour Duration 2-3 hours, our tours involve light walks and include some of the stations mentioned above. Special activity: Herding sheep: “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall lack nothing” (Psalm 23: 1). Lead a flock of sheep and goats and learn about the qualities of a good leader based on the experiences of our ancestors. We continue to visit ancient city to visit the Davidson Center for a greater understanding of the Temple period, The display of finds is in chronological order, from the Second Temple period to the first Muslim period. We will visit the South Stairs and the incredible excavations. We will see the ruins and Robinson’s Arch!


September 14, Wednesday – Flight Home

Arrive home with eternal memories of the Holy Land.