Injustice in Minneapolis


The Seventh-day Adventist Church, as represented by the Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, is anguished by the continued and increasing tension and violence emerging in various parts of our country and most recently in Minnesota with the cruelty resulting in the death of George Floyd.


Christians everywhere join peoples of all faith traditions and cultures to condemn the abusive behaviors we have observed in recent days. Such actions threaten the soul of our nation and violate both the values and principals upon which this country is founded and the Scriptures from which we draw our hope.


That which unites us should be amplified. That which divides us should be confronted and denounced. It is into a broken world that Christians are called. It is in the face of such evil that Christians are to live as a people who will love one another, serve one another, defend one another, and protect one another. Sadly, those entrusted to protect both the innocent and the guilty have failed in their duty.


The Florida Conference invites all of our members and friends, and the community at large, to carefully consider the tragic death of George Floyd and recognize that violence against ethnicity, race, culture, or language is deplorable and cannot continue unconfronted, and that silence in the face of such evil is unacceptable.

It is through prayer and peace that progress is fashioned. It is with understanding and acceptance that differences are laid aside. Perhaps the greatest test before the believer today is to live the message of Jesus who demanded that His followers “love one another.”