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  /  Director Instruction (Parent)

Director Instruction (Parent)


STEP 1 – Will Parent only attend Adventurer Events? or Mixed Pathfinders & Adventurer Events in the future?

Note:Regardless of answer to the above question: ALL Members, including Parents, who wish to register for events will need an email address in the Member Profile under tier birthday field.

  • If Parent will only register for Adventurer Ministry Event: Add them to CMS as  Parent of Adventurer. Click Here for the Basic Training Tutorial to see How to.. ADD Club Members.
  • If Parent will register for future Mixed events, like RED ZONE, follow same steps as for STAFF. Please see below.

Contact your Local Churches Level 2 Administrator to get a Compliance Report and double check ALL the details below.


NAD – ASV (Background Check)


  • Check that ALL your Club Parents, if registering for mixed ministry events, have completed their Background Checks and that they have not expired.
  • If anyone expired they need to sign into their account and re-do their training and background check. Any technical problems or password re-set please contact the HELP Line: 1-855-326-1860.
  • Reminder: Any Adventurer Parent who is not background checked as Cleared/Eligible should NOT be an Active Staff Member until Cleared/Eligible status shows on the compliance report and will not be able to register for mixed ministry events.
  • Check that the User does NOT have multiple ASV accounts (if so please have them call 1-855-326-1860 to have the background check company merge the accounts).
  • If you need to Add/Update Club Parents in CMS. – Click Here for the Basic Training Tutorial to see How to.. ADD Club Members. Please be sure to ADD an email address to ALL Members or they will NOT be able to register.
  • Check that the names match in ASV Compliance Report and CMS. (Same Spelling)
  • The date inserted in CMS must be the background check date and NOT the training date.
  • Note: ALL Club Parent registering for future mixed ministry events must have their Background Check COMPLETED and entered by the Director into CMS/YMMS. The office will then need 3-7 days to approve the date before they are eligible to go into the event portal to register for any/all events.To speed up this process: please be sure to double check the steps above as they are the most common issues we find.


Note: This step can be done once for your whole club once you have completed Step 1 for all Members.

Email or text your Staff their Member ID #s: ID’s need to be given to each member that wishes to register for  the event (includes a patch)  and  purchase a shirt.

1. Sign into CMS / YMMS

2. In the Home Screen Click on Members -> Manage

3. At the bottom of the page: Click Export

4. Check/ Select the following information

5. Click Export (Excel) and keep this report for your records.

6. Now you may text their ID and also confirm their Email and Year of Birth to make sure they can register.