Florida Conference Week of Spiritual Emphasis—2010

The Florida Conference office staff enjoyed a Week of Spiritual Emphasis program presented by Dr. Dick Tibbits, Vice President of Spirituality and Health for Florida Hospital. We are offering MP3 audio downloads of Dr. Tibbits’ daily presentations. You may right-click or control-click (for single-button Macintosh computers) the links to save the MP3 to your computer.

  • Monday, January 11 — “Reasons Not To Forgive” — 21 megabytes, 45:47
    (Our apologies for the poor recording quality of Monday’s presentation. The issue was corrected for the remaining four presentations.)
  • Tuesday, January 12 — “The Cost of Not Forgiving” — 18.2 megabytes, 39:45
  • Wednesday, January 13 — “Choosing To Forgive” — 18.1 megabytes, 39:24
  • Thursday, January 14 — “How Forgiveness Changes Your Past” — 18.2 megabytes, 39:45
  • Friday, January 15 — “Forgiveness As Freedom” — 15.7 megabytes, 34:08

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