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  /  North Reveille 2021


Theme: Staying Healthy & COVID Free

Dates: April 9-11, 2021

Registration Opens: February 2, 2021

Registration Closes: Thursday, March 25 @1pm

Location: Camp Kulaqua

Fee: $25 – Pathfinders, Staff, & Parents
$10 – Age 9 and under


Click Here to Register

For any questions please feel free to contact Carmen Ayala at (407)644-5000 ex 2426 or



To view the COVID Health and Safety Protocols that will be put in place during this event Click Here

Please note: Any adult/Parent attending the Reveille must be background checked through Adventist Screening Verification and entered into the Youth Ministries Management System.



Click Here to View the FULL Schedule 


8:15pm – Joint Worship
10:30pm – Lights Out


8:00am – Honors
11:45am – Joint Worship
1:00pm – Lunch
2:15pm – Honors
6:00pm – Joint Worship
6:45pm – Dinner/Activities
10:30pm – Lights Out


8:00am – Joint Worship
8:15am – Honors
10:30am – Pack-Up
11:45am – Photo

 Honors Being Taught

E-Trackers  will  earn :
  • Friend- Red Alert, Camping Skills I
  • Companion-Basic First Aid, Camping Skills II
  • Explorer-Basic Rescue, Camping Skills III
  • Ranger- First Aid, Camping Skills IV
Varsity Pathfinders  will earn:
  • Wilderness Master Honor
    (7 Wilderness honors)


All lodging reservations can be made on the CMS/YMMS.

Please note, that once housing has been selected you DONT need to select every person staying in that building. PLEASE ONLY SELECT HOUSING ONCE