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Pathfinder Director's Packet 2017-2018 
Local Club Administration - Section A 2017-2018 
Florida / NAD Level Studies - Section B 2017-2018 
Special Club Programs - Section C 2017-2018 
NAD Guidelines - Section D 2017-2018 
Florida Conference Requirements - Section E 2017-2018 
Florida / NAD Operational Instrictions - Section F 2017-2018 
Pathfinder / Adventurer Ministries - Section G 2017-2018

Uniform and Insigna PF 2017-2018

Pathfinder Clubs: Click on the link below to fill out the form.

Pathfinder Club Registration Form (Due by February1)
VV / STV Compliance Report (Due by February 1)
Drivers Questionnaire Form (Due by February 1)
Upload Your Club Calendar 2017-2018 (Due by February 1)
Current Membership Data (Due by February 1) 

Share Your Faith (Due by May 1) 

These Guidelines for Club of the Year or Honor Club are to help you know what is required/necessary to hand in at the end of the Pathfinder/Adventurer club year.

Verified Volunteer/Shield the Vulnerable training (the STV is good for 3 years) must be cleared to begin their term as a volunteer leader.  EVERY staff member ages 18+ must complete the “Verified Volunteer” if you are new and have never done the Shield the Vulnerable.  If the three years under the Shield the Vulnerable are up (expired) you must sign up under the new Verified Volunteers program and is good for 3 years.  They must comply with the training and background screening before they can volunteer. 

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Verified Volunteers 
Verified Volunteers Spanish