Leave a Legacy

Planned gifts benefit you, your family, and Florida Conference both now and in the future. Leave a legacy that will continue to benefit the Lord’s work of reaching the unreached even after you are gone.

There are several ways to set up your planned gift:

Wills — Wills are your last opportunity to leave a legacy to the things you value most and the best way to ensure your wishes are honored. Florida Conference offers a free wills kit that walks you through most of the necessary questions for preparing a will. Learn more.

Endowments — By contributing to an endowment fund or establishing a named endowment fund you can experience the joy of knowing that your funds will be used to further the work of the Lord.  Learn More.

Charitable Remainder Trusts — Create a trust through Florida Conference that provides you or a person of your choice with either annual income for life or for a term not to exceed 20 years. At the end of the trust’s term, Florida Conference receives the remaining balance of the trust. Learn more.

Charitable Gift Annuities — A Charitable Gift Annuity is a contract between you and Florida Conference whereby Florida Conference agrees to make monthly or quarterly payments to you (or your designee) in exchange for a charitable gift. Learn more.

Retirement Plan Gifts — Charitable distributions or beneficiary naming are effective ways to decrease estate and income taxes while increasing your children’s inheritance. Learn more.

Non-Cash Gifts — Gifts of stock, life insurance policies, vehicles, land, and other items. Learn more.