Treasury Department Enables the ministries of the Conference to fulfill the mission of the church with financial structure and services. We provide timely, quality customized financial records that are designed to meet legal, policy, and programming requirements. We also provide service for churches and schools in the arenas of auditing, employee, and property matters.

The Team

Elisa Rahming


Phone: 407-644-5000x2201

Email: Elisa.Rahming@floridaconference.com

Vickie Monday

Associate Treasurer

Phone: 407-644-5000x2211

Email: Vickie.Monday@floridaconference.com

Allan Andino

Internal Auditor

Phone: 407-644-5000

Email: Allan.Andino@floridaconference.com

Silvanira Borges

Junior Accountant

Phone: 407-644-5000x2213

Email: Silvie.Borges@floridaconference.com

Bernadette Carbonell

Junior Accountant

Phone: 407-644-5000x2214

Email: Bernadette.Carbonell@floridaconference.com

Renee Edwards

Accounting Clerk

Phone: 407-644-5000x2223

Email: Renee.Edwards@floridaconference.com

Nancy Enriquez

Internal Auditor

Phone: 407-644-5000

Email: Nancy.Enriquez@floridaconference.com

Alexandra Hichez Cordero

Internal Auditor

Phone: 407-644-5000

Email: Alexandra.Hichez@floridaconference.com

Nancy Rojas

Executive Assistant

Phone: 407-644-5000x2201

Email: Nancy.Rojas@floridaconference.com

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

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