Pathfinder Bible Experience

Pathfinder Bible Experience (PBE) is the official name for the event where Pathfinders form teams from their local club to test their knowledge of specific Bible books and commentary sections with other Pathfinders.  There are four different levels, starting with Area.  To qualify to advance to the next level, a PBE team must score at least 90% of the top score for that level.  The highest level is the Division Level where PBE teams from all across North America (and even some British teams) meet.  We are so proud of all of our FL Conference PBE teams.  It is great to see so many young people studying (and in many cases, memorizing) Scripture.

If your club is participating in the PBE 2018 you must download the forms.

For information go to the NAD website: CLICK HERE

Download Forms:
Statement of Integrity – one per club
Videography/Photography Release Form – one per PBE participant

For Area, Date and Location click on the link below:

Area, Date and Location