by Natasha Richards

Ask yourself who the people in your church are. Which cultures and ministries are most prominent? When I view my church, I think of the possible church to come.

My current church is comprised of about 15 people from different cultures, younger than age 30. They are very talented people who share two things in common: they are Adventists and they attend the same school. My church is Adventist Campus Ministry (ACM) at Florida International University in Miami, and I am honored to serve the students on this campus.

ACM has chapters at several universities in the state, overseen by the Florida Conference Youth Ministries Department.

Our Adventist community has seen the great need of being a resource for Adventist students on secular college campuses. While students are living at their home away from home, ACM leaders are implementing spiritual empowerment for them. The direction is to train, equip, and deploy an army of young people in and around our community.

The Florida Conference Youth Department has a mission to meet the students at the well. We solicit your prayers and support.