Adventist Community Services

The mission of the Adventist Community Service department of the Florida Conference is to train, equip and deploy Leaders and members of the local church for service to all people, especially people in need.

This mission is strongly embraced by the vast majority of our churches, to the extent, that they constantly and faithfully attend to the multifarious needs of people in their congregations, as well as people of the outside communities.

Several of our churches operate food kitchens that prepare, and serve hot meals, either weekly or monthly, to families and individuals with this need.  Some churches operate a food bank from which they distribute boxes or bags of uncooked food items to whoever shows up. At the same time some of these churches follow up the people they serve with Bible studies.

Also, a growing number of churches have formed a crew of voluntary trades and handy-man ministry, which goes around the community and identifies extreme cases of need in the areas of home maintenance, landscaping etc. and assist people who can’t help themselves, nor afford to pay for such services.

Perhaps, our busiest ministry department is the A.C.S. department, especially during the active natural disaster season (June 1, – November 30).

Our department reaches out to the local churches constantly, and especially to the ones that operate active help ministries to community. Several of our churches (at least 45%) operate weekly or monthly food banks in service to their immediate community.  We have planned and hosted annual leadership and volunteer training seminars for local directors and members.  In the last five years we have hosted such training seminars (entire weekend) in North West Dade for the Lower gold Region, in Central Florida (Conference office) and in the North (Jacksonville).

For 2018 we are planning to host one of these weekend training seminars in the Upper Gold region.  As soon as the venue is determined (which we are presently working on) we will expand promotions.