November 11, 2019

Bahamas Relief Disaster Response Appreciation Letter

Dear Florida Conference Family,
Again, we the members of the administration of the Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists want to thank every one of you for joining us in our efforts to help the citizens of the Bahamas recover from Hurricane Dorian. Your love and generosity have made a major difference and have returned a smile to many faces, including the faces of children in Adventist schools.
So far, the Florida Conference, teaming up with sister Vyomie Green and the Miami Temple SDA Church, is now working on the fifth container for shipment to the Bahamas. I have also verified with our Treasury Department that between local members, other individual donors, and the Florida Conference administration, we have raised $103,958.00 for the Bahamas recovery efforts – thanks be to God.
We have also sent several members of our conference administration, along with local church leaders, to meet with Adventist leaders of the work in the Bahamas. During those encounters, our contributions were securely passed on to directly benefit the victims of the disaster.
We have been receiving a trove of photos and messages through telephone calls and emails from recipients of our donations, which are available upon request and will soon appear on our conference website.
The relief efforts are not ended. Local churches are encouraged to take their donated items directly to the Miami Temple SDA church where the empty containers are loaded and picked up for shipment. Cash contributions may still be sent to the Florida Conference Treasury Department identified as donations to the Bahamas. Once again, the Florida Conference has responded as Jesus would and we the members of the administration could not be more proud and appreciative of your generous response.
On a more personal note, we want to thank all the members and pastors from our Florida Conference Disaster Response team for their many hours of participation in our planning and execution sessions. Thanks to the Communication Department, the Service Center, the office staff, thanks to all the church pastors, teachers, and lay volunteers who went around soliciting, collecting, assorting, boxing, labeling, loading, unloading and transporting donated goods. Especially to pastors Rafael Fernandez, Ben Shurtliff, Ryan Amos, Alexander Vaz, David Dieppa, among many others. Really, I and my team could not have done it without your help.
May God reward each of you for your ongoing support of a humanitarian mission – the
Bahamas relief efforts.
Yours truly,
Conrad G. Duncan
ACS and Disaster Response Director
Vice-President of Administration
Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

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