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Become an Officially Appointed Volunteer .

Officially Appointed Volunteers can be a Cluster Coordinator or a Zone Administrator in one of the Ministries. We are doing our best to be sensitive to local churches/pastors as we recruit individuals to serve in a wider sphere than in their local church.  Just as the local church is dependent on volunteers, so is the Pathfinder and Adventurer Department.  We all need solid, volunteer leadership.

To be considered for one of these positions, submit a resume to the FL Conference Pathfinder and Adventurer Department. All Volunteers must complete the Verified Volunteers/Shield the Vulnerable training (the STV is good for 3 years) and be cleared to begin their term as a volunteer leader. The website is:

May God help us as we endeavor to raise up a generation of leaders to bless our churches and our youth.

Cluster Coordinator Qualifications & Duties