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All Employees

Regular Wages: Based on assignment, experience, education and community wage rates in the local area.

Voluntary Retirement: Plan All new employees will be automatically enrolled at a 3% voluntary deduction when hired. Employees who have contributed to ARP before (at any Adventist entity) will be re-enrolled at their contribution amount on file with Empower. Deductions will automatically increase by 1% every year in July to a maximum of 7%. Adjustments to your retirement can be made through the Empower website.

Workers’ Compensation: Coverage per policy

Florida Hospital: Credit Union Membership is available to all Conference employees.

Holidays – offered at entity’s discretion.The following are recognized as official holidays: New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Labor Day, President’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Memorial Day, Christmas Day

Employees working more than 19 hours per week

Retirement and Matching:The employer will contribute to a retirement account based on 5% of gross pay. The employer will also match up to an additional 3.00% of voluntary employee contributions. Employees who work less than 19 hours per week may participate with a voluntary contribution only.

Vacation 0 to 4 years: 0.03836 hours per hour worked (2 week rate) 5 to 9 years: 0.05753 hours per hour worked (3 week rate) After 9 years: 0.07671 hours per hour worked (4 week rate)

Short and Long Term Sick Leaves: The accrual rate is 0.03855 hours per hour worked. Sixty percent (60%) of accrued leave is available for short-term illnesses and personal appointments. The other forty percent (40%) is available for extended illnesses, disability, or incapacity.

Employees working more than 30 hours per week

Health Care Assistance Plan: Coverage information available at . The premium for health care coverage is processed as a payroll deduction (rates are provided during the online health care application and are based on the number of dependents covered).

Employees working 38 hours per week

Basic Life Insurance: Employer provided – In the event of a death, the following coverages apply: Employee $100,000, Spouse $50,000, Dependent child $10,000, Stillborn $750.

Long-Term Disability: Employer provided – 66.67% of income replacement should an employee become disabled and no longer able to work.

Supplemental Insurances – may be purchased by employees working more than 19 hours per week as a payroll deduction

Supplemental Life Insurance: Coverage limit up to $250,000 can be purchased without medical underwriting and up to $30,000 for their spouse. However, coverage must be applied for within the first 30 days of their hire date. Application for coverage after the 30-day window is subject to approval by the insurance carrier based on medical information provided. Dependent coverage is also available.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment: Coverage limit up to $500,000 for both employee and their spouse. Dependent coverage is also available.

Flexible Spending, both health care and dependent care plans are available.

Supplemental plans through Hartford and Aflac.

Legal Resources.

Allstate ID Theft and Cyber Protection plan.

Pet Insurance.

Benefits Summary