Beware of Scams

Recently we had an experience in the Conference Office that we would like to share with you for your awareness. A couple, claiming to be Seventh-day Adventist members in Canada, visited the office and indicated a dire need of cash. They requested that we give them cash immediately in exchange for a personal check they would write to us drawn on a bank account that was located in a different country than their country of residence. Because of the nature of the request and the suspicions that it arose, we did not give them cash immediately but contacted our bank for verification purposes. The account was not verifiable thus leading us to believe that this was a scam. Because they may still be in the Orlando area, we want to make you aware of the potential of them coming to you, or someone else with a similar request. We have also been made aware of potential scams in the South Florida area with individuals requesting money from churches and/or church members with needs and circumstances that are not verifiable. We suggest that whenever possible, please always verify prior to giving cash for any need because, unfortunately, there are many scams that are popping up. Thank you for your conscientiousness and due diligence.