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Florida Conference of Seventh Day Adventists

Characteristics of the Church Treasurer

Dedication to Service
The church treasurer must recognize that the money which passes through his/her hands is sacred money: it belongs not to him/her, to be used as he/she feels best (either for personal needs or for legitimate church uses), but as the giver, the church board, and God Himself intend.
. . . The treasurer does most of his/her work in private; he/she has relatively rare opportunity to stand before the congregation and receive recognition for his/her work. Dedication of heart, mind, and hand—all are basic to the calling of the church treasurer.
Good Judgment
The treasurer should always remember that his/her relations with individual members are strictly confidential. Good judgment on the part of the treasurer will lead him/her to respect this confidential relationship … Good judgment will be exercised, too, in his/her counsel to the church board and to the directors of various church activities as to the wise use of funds. While the church treasurer is not the “last word” on how and when funds should be spent, their counsel should be highly regarded by the church board as it makes its decisions in financial matters.
Good Personal Relationships
. . . in exhibiting a quiet spirit of dedication and good judgment before the church membership, he/she (the church treasurer) is doing a work that no other officer can do in fostering a feeling of confidence and trust in the hearts of the individual members. Such a feeling will probably do more to tap the fountains of generosity and sacrifice in the members than will the vigorous promotion of tithes and offerings from the pulpit on Sabbath mornings.
Good Mental Attitude
The treasurer’s calling is an exalted one: he/she can do his/her work to the fullest effectiveness only as he/she pleads daily, hourly, for the Holy Spirit to come in and control every aspect of his/her life.
Willingness to Learn
The treasurer, whether he/she is involved with a small or large church, should take every opportunity to learn to do his/her job more efficiently. The church treasurer should not deny himself/herself the opportunity to attending such meetings to exchange experiences and discuss mutual problems with other treasurers, to receive the instructions and the stimulus of association with others which these meetings afford.
Local Church Accounting Manual ¶ 202.02 – 202.06