by Naomi Zalabak

Children attending Vacation Bible School (VBS) at Avon Park Church became involved in a mission project for an orphanage in Tanzania, Africa. They raised $134 to help the children with food and much needed medications.

The VBS, under Dulcie Tangunan’s direction, utilized 39 young people and adult helpers to present the program, Sky Adventure. Emphasizing the theme, decorations included an airplane on the lawn and a plane replica in front of the platform with a puppet sitting at a window.

Each day consisted of games, stories, crafts, and songs. Activities were carefully planned to teach a Bible lesson for the day. More than 170 children attended the VBS held in the Walker Memorial Academy gymnasium.

At the closing program, children sang songs learned through the week including the theme song, “Fly.” When Pastor Ryan Amos would mention a life situation in his talk such as, “No matter who you are,” “No matter what happens,” “No matter what people do to you,” and “No matter where you go,” the children would proudly proclaim, “Trust God!” They had apparently learned their lessons well.