Club Safety Officer 

It is recommended that each Pathfinder Club have an appointed Safety Officer for the duration of the club year.  The Safety Officer should be the person to oversee that all the insurance and safety issues are dealt with properly.  They would also make sure each Pathfinder has current medical forms on file; permission forms for off premises activities, and updated parental contact information.  Some of the areas they would oversee would be as follows:

  • Disaster / Emergency Plan
  • General Liability Insurance
  • Medical Coverage
  • Mission Trips
  • Transportation / Insurance
  • Field Trip / Outing Planner

A Practical Guide to Pathfinder Safety Manual
Prohibited 15-Passenger Vans: Alternatives & What is the Danger?

For any questions regarding Adventist Risk Management, please contact your local club Director or Florida Conference Risk Management Department.

Risk Management Department
Rhonda Harper, Director

Forms are available to download below: