As communicators, we creatively touch lives through various means including social media, print, video, radio, and television. We are challenged to use our skills in these areas to expand the reach of other ministries in the church.

With the unique opportunity to influence minds and impact hearts, we are commissioned to spread the good news as exemplified by Jesus, the greatest life-changing Communicator who ever lived.

Get Involved

Submit your story about a ministry going on in your church to be published in Florida Focus or Southern Tidings.
Film can be a powerful ministry. Use your visual storytelling skills to document how your church is reaching the community and/or produce a narrative film to touch the lives of others.
For many people your website is the first impression they have of your church and a deciding factor in whether they come. Make sure it represents your church well.
Help people find your church with well-placed and attractive signs. Beautify the church and grounds to create a more inviting atmosphere. Greet people at the door to make sure they feel welcome.
Hone your skills to better serve your church by attending a seminar or workshop.
Church Communication Directors play a vital role in presenting their churches to the community and sharing with the greater Adventist Community.