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Current OAV Onboarding Experience

Welcome to the Onboarding Experience

We, the PAD, want to ensure that we are doing our very best to serve our OAV Team. And we want to make sure each OAV has a thorough orientation process to fully understand what it means to be an OAV.  We want to be clear on what is expected.  And we want our team to be clear on how to excel as an OAV.

We believe that the closer we get to being on the same page, the more efficient and effective we can be.  We believe our Club Directors deserve the very best support we can offer them.  That’s why we have a team.  No one of us can be everywhere, but together, as a team, we can serve all the Clubs in our conference.

Our goal is to improve what happens at every Club by strengthening our OAV Team. We all want to do ministry and support Clubs to be the best they can be. So, we are asking all of our OAV’s to go through this onboarding process.  We are starting with our PAC Members, State, Area, and Zone leaders.

Onboarding Status (Lets get to 100% by Dec !)


PAC: 21/21

Area Adminstrators: 8 / 8

Zone Adminstrators: 7 / 8

Cluster Coordinators: Coming Soon!