Wills are your last opportunity to leave a legacy to the things you value most. Everyone should have a will. It is the best way to ensure your wishes are honored.

Wills provide for those you love and ensure that your assets are distributed as you would like when you die. If you die without a will, the state where you reside has laws that will determine who will receive custody of dependents and the disposition of your assets. State laws do not take into consideration the charitable interests of the deceased.


Some feel they do not have enough assets to warrant having a will. But, they may not have considered the following:

Increased values in real estate,
Retirement accounts,
Insurance policies,
Automobiles, furniture, and other personal items,
The potential of an inheritance from a distant relative, or
That their estate could receive a large settlement if they were to die due to the negligence of someone else

Living Wills or Health Care Powers of Attorney provide end of life care directives.

Florida Conference offers a free document known as a wills kit that walks you through most of the necessary questions for preparing a will. This document will save you and your attorney valuable time.

If you have included or are considering including Florida Conference in your will, please let us know. We can provide you with wording that will help avoid Accidental Disinheritance which occurs when an instruction in a will is worded either too specifically or too ambiguously and is thereby unable to be fulfilled.

Request a Free Estate Planning Package (EPP) from our Planned Giving Specialist or download a helpful fill-in-the-blank forms below that will assist you in organizing your estate plan.  NOTE: We now require a totally refundable $100 deposit which will be returned to you, once documents are signed 1 year from start date.