Hurricane Florence

Dear Florida Conference Family:

As you are probably aware, Hurricane Florence is heading to the Northern region of our Southern Union in the next few days. This Hurricane has, and will disrupt many families, including Adventist families.

Presently, FL Conference is requesting 3 favors of its members:

1. Please make this potential disaster a matter of prayer as of today.
2. Please ask your members to make donation of non-perishable foods. And collect and hold them in your church facility. The regional coordinator of Adventist Community Services will be contacting your church director of Adventist Community Services & Disaster Relief and arrange for pick up of the foods and water you may have.

I will have the goods trucked over to our sister conferences that are affected within 2 weeks of the disaster.
Cash and any monetary donation must be sent through your local church treasurer to the Florida Conference marked Florence Disaster.

3. If you have members who want to volunteer in the post-Hurricane disaster recovery please submit their names and contact to Conrad Duncan 407-637-0319, and Maria Matos 407-644-5000.

Already my associate for warehousing, Pastor Bill Bremner is on the ground in North Carolina working with conference directors to coordinate Florida Conference response.

Thanks for returning the courtesies Florida received from the Carolina Conferences during our disasters a year ago.

Yours truly,

Conrad G. Duncan
ACS and Disaster Response Director
Florida Conference of Seventh -day Adventist