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Listening Session Reports .

As the Listening Sessions are completed, we will post the report here on our website.  We want you to know what we heard from our Pathfinder and Adventurer Directors/Staff/Parents and Pastors.

And, you will notice that there is one item highlighted from each session.  We are committed to asking those in attendance to help us narrow down the list and pick ONE thing that we should really focus on improving – this is the item that should be our priority!  We will still take the other items into consideration.

We know we can’t do everything or fix everything all at once, but we are committed to making it better.

Finally, there will be one final list once all the Listening Sessions are done.  This will compile the top priority from each session all onto one sheet.  This will be the document that we look at as a team and work on finding solutions to each of the challenges/growth areas.

A big thank you to each of you that have made it a point to attend a Listening Session and let your voice be heard.  We are better because of your input.

And, if for whatever reason, you were unable to join us but would still like to share, please email us @ .

Listening Session #1 – Lauderhill Church (South/Zone B) – Jan 27, 2018
Listening Session #2 – Kissimmee English Church (Central/Zone B) – February 10, 2018
Listening Session #3 Notes – Forest City Spanish Church (Central/Zone A) – March 3, 2018
Listening Session #4 – Lehigh Acres Church (South/Zone D) – March 3, 2018
Listening Session #5 – Miami Springs Church (South Zone C) – March 31, 2018
Listening Session #6 – Tampa First Church (West, All Cluster) – May 5, 2018