We are of a life-changing movement impacting all segments of society with intentionality and love, with a special emphasis on helping people live effectively in preparation for the return of Jesus. Such effectual living encompasses the three key elements of mind, body, and spirit. This emphasis has led us to develop an extensive Protestant educational system and an international network of hospitals and health clinics.

In our local churches, members are eager to assist in your personal spiritual journey. We welcome the opportunity to partner with you in overcoming whatever challenges you may face, so you can experience the greatest possible health and happiness today and for all eternity.
Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists is an unincorporated, nonprofit organization which serves as the administrative body for its sisterhood of churches with emphasis on evangelism, nurturing constituents, and operating a system of schools. The Seventh-day Adventist Church is a mainstream, protestant, Bible-believing denomination with more than 18 million believers worldwide.

The territory of Florida Conference, organized in 1893, includes the entire state except Bay, Calhoun, Escambia, Gulf, Holmes, Jackson, Okaloosa, Santa Rosa, Walton, and Washington counties which belong to Gulf States Conference. As of March 2017, more than 64,000 Adventists are Florida Conference members at 208 churches, 57 companies, and least 32 mission groups.

The Team

Allan Machado


Phone: 407-644-5000x2101

Email: allan.machado@floridaconference.com

Tim Goff

Executive Secretary

Phone: 407-644-5000x2110

Email: Tim.Goff@floridaconference.com

Elisa Rahming


Phone: 407-644-5000x2200

Email: elisa.rahming@floridaconference.com

Raquel Levy

Executive Assistant to the President

Phone: 407-644-5000x2101

Email: raquel.levy@floridaconference.com

Betsy Pena

Executive Assistant to the Executive Secretary

Phone: 407-644-5000x2301

Email: betsy.pena@floridaconference.com

Nancy Rojas

Executive Assistant to the Treasurer

Phone: 407-644-5000x2201

Email: nancy.rojas@floridaconference.com

Maxine Bell

Executive Assistant

Phone: 407-644-5000x2160

Email: maxine.bell@floridaconference.com

Carmen Rodriguez

Membership Coordinator

Phone: 407-644-5000x2322

Email: carmen.rodriguez@floridaconference.com

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