The Great Object of our publications is to exalt God and to call men’s attention to the living truths of His Word.

To accomplish this the we have two Literature Evangelism Programs, our “Big Book” and our  “Student” programs.

Last summer one of our students sold the book  “Peace Above the Storm written ” by Ellen White to a businessman.  A couple of months later this student was in a completely different area and was directed by her leader to canvass a rather rough business area.  Almost passing by a certain building, she decided to go in, and to her surprise a man recognized her. It was the man from two months before who her that book had changed his life.

It is true that our books are life changing, but so are the literature evangelists who sell them.  This is a ministry everyone, including you, can be a part of.  We hope you will be a part of our Publishing Ministry.

The Team

Les McCoy


Phone: 407-644-5000x2272

Email: les.mcCoy@floridaconference.com

Timothy Merryman

Associate Director Central/North Florida

Phone: 407-644-5000

Email: timothy.merryman@floridaconference.com

Alfredo Gonzalez

Associate Director South Florida

Phone: 407-644-5000

Email: alfredo.gonzalez@floridaconference.com

Vilma D. Guerrero, MBA

Accounting Specialist

Phone: 407-644-5000x2271

Email: vilma.guerrero@floridaconference.com

Anwar Bowes

Associate Director Magabook

Phone: 407-644-5000x2270

Email: Anwar.Bowes@floridaconference.com

Jose Dzul Garcia

Assistant Director Magabook

Phone: 407-644-5000

Email: jose.dzul@floridaconference.com

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