Our Stewardship Department is always committed to serving the stewardship-related needs of the Florida conference constituent churches. We also make ourselves available to serve the individual needs of our members who reach out to us in personal ways.

The ways in which we serve our churches include, but are not limited to:
Planning and hosting cutting edge Stewardship Workshops for Pastors and Lay Leaders (we host one such symposium per year in a different major location of the conference).

In 2017 we hosted 2 in the Central Florida region.

In 2018 we are hosting a big Stewardship Symposium in the Ft. Lauderdale church, on Tuesday, May 8th (from 9:30 am – 3:00 pm), for all the Pastors and local Stewardship leaders of the Upper and Lower Gold Regions.

Flyers are already out and much more will be done to promote it between now and then. In addition to these annual Stewardship symposiums for Pastors and Leaders of churches, that the Stewardship Department hosts, there are at least 30 weekends that are set apart for Stewardship seminars in local churches in a given year. As long as the church leadership requests one of these seminars, which include a Friday evening commitment and Testimony service, Sabbath morning stewardship sermon, and a Sabbath afternoon Seminar/workshop. These workshops are designed to educate church members in the area of Finance Management and other healthy financial practices.

The Stewardship department is also dedicated to serving the local churches with requested Stewardship resource material. Several of the local churches have reached out to us for such resources or they go directly to Adventsource.com and order what they need.
Presently, we are working to prepare, and make available to all our institutions and youth and children group, a stewardship curriculum designed to educate and motivate our younger members at a very early age.

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