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Florida Conference of Seventh Day Adventists

Newsletter 2-22-2017

“Oh, how I love your instructions! I think about them all day long. Your commands make me wiser than my enemies, for they are my constant guide.” Psalm 119:97-98

** Good Morning.  It’s a “Shower of Blessings” Day.  We need those rainy days every so often.  According to an article I read…we tend to be more productive on rainy days. 

In my reading this week I came across some activities that may help with teaching and/or understanding our children better.  I find trying new things keep me current and the children engaged.  Hope you have success in using these in your family and ministry.

Peer Pressure Activity: Under Pressure

By Children’s Ministry Magazine on February 14, 2017

Use this object lesson to help kids experience what it feels like to pressure and to be pressured by their peers.

You’ll need two inflated balloons for each set of partners.

Have kids hold one balloon between them as they face each other. Assign one child to be the “pressurer” and the other to be the one being pressured. For one minute, have the children communicate back and forth. The pressurer says things such as, “You should dye your hair red” or “Let’s cheat on our test together.”

Have the child being pressured try to talk his or her way out of the pressuring situation. As the pressure builds, have kids press against the balloon until it pops.

Have kids switch roles and give them the second balloon.

Ask these questions:
How is the balloon like or unlike what happens to us when we give in to pressure to do things we know aren’t right?
How do you think God wants us to respond when our friends pressure us?
What ways can we avoid pressure from our friends?

The Heart of the Matter:

Understanding children’s hearts is key to relating to them, regardless of their age, development, or behavior. Finding out what makes kids tick is especially essential with behavioral challenges. It’s easy for parents to become frustrated with the “symptoms” (poor behavior choices) and miss the “disease” (underlying causes). We see disobedience, hear back-talk, and feel the escalating chaos. Yet we forget to ask: “Why is my child behaving this way?” If you can look beyond the symptoms and see what ails your child’s heart, you can help. No counseling degree is required. All you need is patience, love, and God’s guidance. Pray that God will help you see your child through his eyes. Check yourself when frustrations arise. And remember to reinforce any positive behavior and improvements you see.

Squeeze In! Place a sheet of newspaper on the floor. Say, “The goal is for all of us to stand on the newspaper, without touching the floor.” (If necessary, stand on one foot.) Afterward, talk about Paul being put in prison (see 2 Corinthians 11:16-28). Ask: “How was being stuck on this newspaper like or unlike being in jail?” Say: “Paul obeyed Jesus and still ended up in jail.” Ask: “How might obeying Jesus put you in a tough spot with your friends? What’s one way you’ve obeyed Jesus?”

Simon Says Play Simon Says, taking turns being Simon. Then discuss what it’s like to give directions and be “obeyed.” Also talk about what makes following instructions easy or difficult.

Love Rules Together, create an imaginary dangerous mission for your family to go on. Then set guidelines to protect one another; for example, if you’re going on foot on safari, you might say, “Don’t feed the alligators.” Say: “God loves us so much that he gives us the Ten Commandments, or rules, to protect us.” Read aloud Exodus 20:1-17. Then reword each rule to explain why it’s a loving rule from a loving God. For example, “Because I want you to be protected from religions that would mislead you, don’t have any other gods except me.” End in prayer, asking God to help you all obey him out of love.

The Right Path Hide a Bible and make an easy map so kids can find the Bible in a few minutes. Give them the map and say, “Search for something special I’ve hidden.” When they find the Bible, say that God’s Word shows us how to follow Jesus on the right path. Then give some “directions” and have kids tell you if they’re from the Bible or not. For example, “Love your enemies” (yes!); “Lie only if you have to” (no!).

Fish Fling You’ll need a blanket, a doll or action figure, and a bucket. Have family members gather around the blanket and each hold on to it. Recap what happened to Jonah. Place the doll on the blanket and say, “This is Jonah on the sea, and the bucket is the mouth of a big fish. Let’s fling Jonah into the fish!” After playing, ask: “Why did God put Jonah in the big fish? Why should we obey God even when we’re afraid of what he’s asking?” Say: “Jonah didn’t want to obey God, but after being in the fish, he realized God’s way is always best. God will protect us when we obey him.”

“Oh, how I love your instructions! I think about them all day long. Your commands make me wiser than my enemies, for they are my constant guide.”

—Psalm 119:97-98

Calendar Updates:

                        February 25                Worship Kress SDA Church Pathfinders

                        February 25                Couples Night Out Altamonte Springs SDA Church

                        **March 11                VBS 2017 Showcase @ Fla Conference Community Room

                        March 18                    Creative Ministry /Children’s Day @ 1st SDA Church WPB

                        April 8                        Bellview Community Outreach Program

                        April 20-23                 English Camp Meeting @ Camp Kulaqua

                        May 6                          Go Fish/Creative Ministry Workshop @ Palm Coast SDA Church


Today I would like you to remember my family in your prayers as we face some health issues and need encouragement.  I know that most of us have unspoken needs in our lives so I want you to know that I will be praying for you too.  May our Heavenly Father grant all our needs, give us patience to understand and love to get us thru.

Enjoy the rain…feel inspired…read a book….take a nap.  Just a few Blessings of a rainy day.

Next week?  Same time, Same place.  Until then.


February 22, 2017
February 22, 2017