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Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Newsletter 3-1-17

Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age. Matthew 28:19-20 | NIV?


***This past weekend I had the privilege of visiting several churches.  I viewed classrooms, had worship with adventures and pathfinders plus the “team” presented a ”Couples Night Out” at a local Orlando Church.

The Couple’s Night Out is part of our Family Ministry so if you are interested let me know.  We would be happy to work with you on this type of event.


VBS Showcase this almost here.  Please plan to come and view the 2017 VBS Programs.  I know we will have one that your church can use this summer.  There will be lots of “Freebies”… even VBS Kits etc,

March 11                    VBS 2017 Showcase @ Fla Conference Community Room   (see attached flyer)

Florida Conference address: 351 S State Road 434 Altamonte Springs Florida 32714

Looking forward to seeing you there.  Questions?  Just ask!


Here are a few reasons your church should be doing Vacation Bible School: (as found on the web)

1. What better way can you introduce kids to Jesus and the story of salvation by a concentrated but approachable week of games, goldfish crackers, songs, stories and fun?

2. It will instantly put your church in communication with families in your area. Some of these won’t be in church and won’t have a relationship with Jesus.

3. Your church will be making itself known in the community as a place of care and a marker of the Kingdom of God. People might walk into a church for the first time to drop their children off and register them. Those 10 minutes might be the icebreaker they need to consider faith in Jesus.

4. VBS is a great way to allow your creative team to flex their muscles and have fun for the week. Your church might not have a 15 ft screen in it’s sanctuary normally (mine doesn’t) and it is a great way to introduce folks into elements of worship and production they would never see.

5. Your congregation will mobilize behind one goal for the week. It is a great opportunity to find new volunteers for children’s ministry, media, greeting and hospitality.

6. VBS is fun. Plain and simple

These are just a few reasons. If you can’t tell, I see VBS as a HUGE opportunity for evangelism in the life of a local church. You never know what seed is being planted in the lives of the people who come into contact with Christians during the week.?

VBS Game Ideas:

Roll Up

This game is a play on the old “Over and Under” balloon game. Divide your teams into two groups. Select ten kids at random to represent your two teams or pull ten from the boys and ten from the girls. Girls against boys pair offs are always a popular competition. Line up the kids so that they stand in front of one another in the same direction. Hand the first person in the line a roll of toilet paper. Tell the leaders that when you give the signal they should loosen paper from the roll and carefully pass it to the person behind them. Each team member should alternate passing it over their heads and under their bodies. When the roll gets to the end of the line, the person on the end wraps it around his waist and passes it back. This should continue a pre set number of times or let them use the whole roll. Use a whistle or start festive music to signal the start of your game. With the cost being two rolls of toilet paper, this is definitely a low budget VBS game idea.

Trust Me

You will need a blindfold and several empty, large cardboard boxes for this game. You will also need a way to indicate a finish line or flag area. Choose two kids to represent each team. One child is blindfolded while the other yells out directions. The goal is to get the blindfolded child to the end of the maze first. It is best to do play this game one team at a time and announce the winner according to the time. Spray paint the boxes bright colors and set them up as obstacles along the path to the end of the maze. The blindfolded child has to trust the seeing child to tell him where to go. When the blindfolded child reaches the end, a volunteer should remove his blindfold so he can grab the prize and run back to the starting line. To make this game more challenging, have two children be calling out directions, one giving bad advice, one giving good. Tell the child which one she should listen to before she puts on her mask. Have helpers along the maze to keep the child from tripping over boxes or getting lost.

Beach Ball Bounce

All you need for this game is two beach balls. Each ball should be different colors or look different some way. Blow up the beach balls and show them to the children. Show which ball represents the girls team and which the boys team. Tell kids the object is to see who can keep their ball from touching the ground longest while standing in one spot. Kids cannot move other than their hands. Kids can only touch the ball belonging to their team. There is no real way to declare a winner or even oversee this game but kids find it hysterical. Play this game outdoors if your sanctuary has chandeliers or expensive equipment in it.

Goliath’s Hungry

No supplies are needed for this game. Choose a child to be Goliath. Divide the kids into two teams. The teams need to be spaced about ten to twenty feet apart with Goliath standing in the middle. When Goliath shouts, “I’m hungry!” All the kids run to the opposite side. Anyone Goliath touches joins the giant in the middle. Together, they hold a hand and grab for more kids as they run through again. Every time Goliath should shout “I’m hungry!” until all the kids are caught. This is also an excellent game for outside or auditorium play.


Calendar Updates:

                        March 18                   Creative Ministry /Children’s Day @ 1st SDA Church WPB

                        April 8                        Bellview Community Outreach Program

                        April 20-23                 English Camp Meeting @ Camp Kulaqua


I have a personal request:  Prayers are needs for my family.  I know that we all need prayers, but it seems this past week has been particularly hard for my immediate family.  God always has a reason and plan for us, but it is hard to see past it all. Many Thanks for the prayers. I will keep you and your family/ministry lifted up in prayer too.

Hope you remember to rest and spend time each day focusing on things ABOVE.