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Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Newsletter 4-26-17

 “Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me” (Psalm 51:10)

**Seeking God’s wisdom is not always our first choice, but it is the best choice.

I am back after a “FUN” long weekend at Camp Meeting 2017 at Camp Kulaqua.  What a fun way to meet new and old friends plus be spiritually fed.  We were quite busy and the team is tired.  They presented amazing programs for the children and teens.

I know that the children/teens went home know that Jesus loves them and is just waiting to be a bigger part of their lives.  I trust you are choosing to seek God in everything.  He is a forgiving God of grace and love.  May you seek Him often.

Seek God’s Wisdom

Apr 20, 2017 07:00 am

Prayer is an absolute necessity if revival is going to take place. A. T. Pierson makes this insightful observation, “From the Day of Pentecost, there has not been one spiritual awakening in any land that has not begun in a union of prayer. Though only among two or three; no such outward, upward movement has continued after such prayer meetings have declined.”

     In prayer we humble our hearts before God, acknowledging our total dependence on Him. In prayer we unite with David in pleading, “Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me” (Psalm 51:10). Prayer opens our lives to God’s cleansing power. We see hidden sins and defects in our characters that keep us from being the powerful witnesses He longs for us to be. Prayer draws us into an intimate relationship with Jesus. In prayer, we open our minds to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We seek His wisdom, not our own.

Source for Wisdom Activities:


Book Circle (Game)
Have the children sit in a circle, and select one child to start the game. That child must say the first book of the Bible, and going clockwise, the next child says the next book and so on. Instruct the children that if they do not know the book on their turn they can say pass, and the next child to the right can try. You can also time the kids to see how fast they can name all the books in this fashion, and even set a quicker goal to see if they can reach it. The child that finishes can start the next round.


The Bible is our source for Wisdom. As you discovered a little while ago, the Proverbs are full of wise sayings. King Solomon asked for wisdom instead of riches or a long life, so God gave him wisdom unlike anyone else. Daniel was also very wise, because he walked in the ways of our Lord. The Bible is full of wise men, but they all had one thing in common. They knew the Will of God, and followed His Word. Let’s see what the Bible says about wisdom.


Three paper bags, a few small plastic bugs, a few small prizes and marshmallows. Enough small prizes (pencils, erasers, stickers, etc.) for the number of children in your class.

Blindfolds (4-5).

Enough “yield sign” templates as the number of children in your class, yellow or red construction paper, scissors, glue and large tongue depressors.


Watch Your Choices

The object of this activity is to show the class that sometimes we make choices a certain way for the wrong reasons. You will need three paper bags or small boxes. Decorate one bag beautifully,

make it look very attractive, but put small plastic bugs inside. Make the next bag look ugly but put in some small prizes. Just leave the third bag plain and fill with marshmallows.

Have the children take a look at all three bags (but not inside!). Take a show of hands to indicate which bag as a whole the class wishes to choose. Choose a couple of volunteers to reach into the

bag that was chosen at the same time (count to three and have them reach in). Next ask the children what happened. When making decisions, we sometimes go with what looks best,

but that is not always the best choice. Sometimes, the best choice may be the one that looks the worse on the outside or even the most plain on the outside. As we

make important decisions, it is a good thing to seek wisdom from God and not rely on our own thoughts. When faced with choices, King Solomon relied on God’s wisdom.

Calendar Updates:

                        May 6                          Go Fish/Creative Ministry Workshop @  Palm Coast SDA Church

                        June 4-25                    Summer Camp @ Camp Kulaqua 3 weeks  For more information check out the Camp Kulaqua website.  Hope to see you there.

                        August 4-6                  Single Parent Retreat @ Camp Kulaqu

 *Information you need regarding the Single Parent event:   If you register before June you will get 75% off the price for the event.  Then if you register after June you will only get 50& off.

  Go to Camp Kulaqua website and click on events, then choose Single Parent and register.  This is a great deal.  Take advantage of this opportunity.

“Have all your options been exhausted? Prayer can succeed where other means have failed. Prayer should not be a last resort, but our first response. But there are times when sincere prayer must be offered in order to accomplish something. Quote from Robert Velarde (Focus on the Family)                               

Take heart and pray for wisdom and direction for one another.

Have a great rest of the week….until later.