Newsletter 7-20-16

Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord, Acts 3:19 NI

Vacation is almost over for most of you with ties to schools etc. with that it means VBS is a thing of the past too.  It has been great hearing from some of you and seeing pictures from your VBS/summer programs.  I can tell that God has had hand in all the programs.  We serve an awesome God.  Continue to look to him for guidance.

The past 2 weekends the team and I have been to churches that are excited about the children of their churches and community.  If you would like to get on our 2017 schedule just email/contact me and we would be happy to come worship and share with you.

Parenting Insight You Can Use Now
A bad attitude is a challenge to family life and frustrates many a parent. Furthermore, if children don’t learn how to deal with their attitude, they grow up to be adults with bad attitudes. One way to help children overcome a bad attitude is to take it apart and help them deal with it in smaller pieces.
Children are tempted to have a bad attitude in three prominent areas: when given an instruction, when corrected, and when given a “no” answer. One mom put a sign up in her kitchen listing those three areas with the heading, “Three opportunities for a good attitude.”
Take time to talk about attitude with your children. Discuss the importance and benefits of a good attitude. Help your children understand these three areas and even warn your child when one of them is coming. Coach your children to have a better response.
The next time your child demonstrates a bad attitude, don’t just point out the negative but teach how to respond rightly. When given an instruction, a child might say, “Okay Mom,” in a pleasant tone of voice. When corrected, it would be helpful to say, “I’m sorry.” When receiving a “no” answer, children might say to themselves, “Okay, maybe another time.”
A bad attitude is often a sign of an angry heart and the groaning, rolled eyes, sarcasm, stomping feet, or disgusted look are all attempts to communicate unhappiness with the situation. Gently point out these bad habits and help your children to practice better responses. Be careful of your own harshness in the process and look for ways to break the problem down into manageable pieces.
*This parenting tip comes from the book, Say Goodbye to Whining, Complaining, and Bad Attitudes in You and Your Kids by Dr Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller, RN, BSN. This book gives practical ideas for learning honor in family life and includes 8 Family Together Times in the back to help open up conversations about honor.


Write your child a love note on a colorful piece of paper and decorate it with stickers, etc.  Cut the paper into 8 or 10 odd shaped puzzle pieces and put them in a sandwich bag.  Tuck it in their lunch box as a surprise.  Remind them often that you love them and that God loves them even more!

Read Luke 7:36-47. What other stories of forgiveness can you think of in the Bible?  Why do you think Jesus said that much forgiveness produces much love and little forgiveness produces little love?  Help the younger children understand God’s forgiveness by blowing some soap bubbles and watching them pop and disappear.  God’s forgiveness is just like that.  Take time for a prayer of love and thanks to God for forgiveness!

Calendar Updates:

       ***August 5-7, 2016        Single Parent Workshop Retreat Camp Kulaqua Scholarships available contact Judy Smith for information. We would like to reach as many single parents and their children as possible.

* PLEASE help us by spreading the word and getting the message out. See Attached Flyer.


*August 19 & 20, 2016  Creative Ministry/Go Fish Adult Leadership Certification Training @ Forest Lake SDA Youth Center    Contact Judy Smith to Registration.   See Attached Flyer.

Labor Day Weekend is Family Camp at Camp Kulaqua. Register to come at the Camp Kulaqua website under events.

Singles:           Sabbath, July 23, 7:30PM – Going away party for Dorothy Olson and Laurie Wenzel.  Both of our dear friends will be leaving our singles family for other places.  Laurie is heading to Colorado to help with her parents and Dorothy is moving to be with her son.  So, let’s all get together to give them a big, loving send off.  Party is at my house, 966 Welch Hill Circle (407-703-3050).  We will be getting together at 7:30pm for cake and fellowship.  Games will start at 8:30pm.  Please bring something really special to share (food wise) and maybe a story or two about Dorothy and Laurie.  Hope to see all of you at my place.

May the rest of your week go well for you.  Join with me to pray for the upcoming Single Parent Retreat on August 5-7.