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Florida Conference of Seventh Day Adventists

Newsletter 9-20-16

Therefore said he unto them, The harvest truly [is] great, but the labourers [are] few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest. Luke 10:2

I know its Tuesday, but I just returned from the Southern Union Constituency Meetings in Atlanta (which were very informative and encouraging) and am preparing to leave later this morning for D6 Conference.

D6 Conference is Family Ministry Event in Louisville, Ky.  This a busy couple of weeks.  I can’t wait to share with you all we will be learning. The conference is an excellent way to keep current with the rapid changes in Family dynamics in our ever changing world.  Prayers for safe travels are needed.

Family life brings plaenty of challenges—and also plenty of opportunities to practice trusting in Jesus. Even positive changes can disrupt our schedules and affect relationships with each other and with God. Although you can’t control everything that comes your way, you can minimize the impact of stress, change, and uncertainty.

Whether children are experiencing good times or facing challenges, they have three primary needs:

1. Consistent Relationships When life gets tough, kids need reassurance and familiarity. Model the positive qualities of Jesus, who’s consistently present, unconditionally accepting, attentive, affirming, and reliable.

2. A Safe Place Children need an accepting place where they can talk about what’s happening in their lives. Be real with kids and encourage them to open up about their thoughts, fears, and emotions.

3. Boundaries and Structure When new or different situations arise, maintain the same rules and routines, as much as possible. Let children know ahead of time what to expect. Then provide extra attention during changes.

The good news is that Jesus is always trustworthy, no matter what we’re facing. Read on for active ways to share that important truth with your children.  Always rely on Jesus.

Powerful Protection

Say: God’s special people were slaves in Egypt and were tired from working so hard. Moses told the Egyptian king, “Let my people go!” but the king didn’t listen. So God sent plagues, or troubles, to the land—but God kept his people safe each time!

Powerful Protection:

Re-enact the first nine plagues:

Blood to water—Drop red food coloring into water.

Frogs—Hop around the room.

Gnats—Buzz in a high pitch.

Flies—Buzz in a lower pitch and zoom around the room.

Diseased livestock—Moo and moan; lie on the floor with arms and legs sticking up.

Boils—Put dots on your skin with washable red marker.

Hail—Throw paper wads.

Locusts—Nibble on some snacks.

Darkness—Turn off the lights.

After each plague, shout, “Let my people go!” Take turns sharing times you’ve seen God’s power in action. Close in prayer, asking God to help your family trust in his protection.

Calendar Update:

                        September 30-Oct2    North Area Adventurer Camp Out @ Camp Kulaqua

                        October 15                  Creative Ministry Workshop Cooper City SDA Church

                        ***October 21-23          Couples Retreat @ Camp Kulaqua


                        November 5                Creative Ministry Workshop @ North Miami SDA Church

                        November 18-20        Blaze @ Lake Yale Baptist Convention Center

We have a lot of things on our calendar before the end of the year.  Please help us get the word out to your churches regarding the upcoming Couples Retreat @ Camp Kulaqua.  “Unquenchable Love”.

This once a year event is careful planned and prayed over.  Our Heavenly Father is in control, come and join us for a memorable weekend.  Check out the website and the attached flyer for information.

Here’s hoping  you have a great week.  I will be out of the office but not unreachable.  Thanks again for all your prayers.  Remember to pray for each other too.


September 20, 2016
September 20, 2016