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OAV YMMS Tutorials .

Please review these on-demand tutorials. If you would like a refresher on YMMS from the OAV or Director side please contact your Pathfindner or Adventurer Administrative Assistant via email. 


OAV Tutorials

Full Video Orientation + How to Register for Events as an OAV – Printable Click Here – Video Click Here – Zoom Meeting (9/17/2020)

How to… 

Check Club Directors’ Contact Info – Printable Click Here 

Check Clubs’ Calendars – Printable Click Here / Video – Click Here

Check Total Members & Club Meeting Address – Printable Click Here / Video – Click Here

Check What Clubs have Registered for Events – Printable  Click Here / Video  – Click Here

Check my Clubs’ Access into YMMS – Printable Click Here

Director/Secretary Tutorials

Director/Secretary Tutorials – Click Here


Demo Accounts log-in info:

NOTE: Do not change the password as this will prevent others from loggining in.



Username: DemoAdvDir

Password: TempPassword123!



Username: DemoPathDir

Password: TempPassword123!


Please let us know if you have any questions  within the Demo Accounts as it may not be a YMMS issue but maybe a demo  account issue. Example: We do not have any real people in our demo accounts therefore all adults will show up as unable to register for events.