Florida Prison Ministries is committed to training volunteers to reach every inmate and his/her families/friends that would like to have an opportunity to know Jesus Christ. We are blessed by God with a complete effective program Implemented by volunteers relying on the Holy Spirit.

Bible Lessons

We have two sets of bible lessons that we use in our ministry. The first set has six lessons and includes a copy of Happiness Digest. These materials are designed to introduce the inmate to Christ. When the inmate completes this set, they have the option to continue their study. The second set of 32 lessons focuses on Bible study and truth. These lessons are sent to pen-pals or given to visiting church members who come alongside the inmate to help them on their journey. Upon completion of these studies, the inmate receives a certificate of completion and a free spiritual book of their choice. If they are released before completing the studies, they may continue the correspondence if they so choose.

These lessons are all printed and shipped by the local Adventist Book Center since prisons only accept materials from publishers or book suppliers. The local church going into the institution purchases the spiritual material that gets distributed to inmates in prison and/or their families/friends. These lessons, and Bibles, are subsidized by the Conference to help keep the cost down.

Get Involved

Watch this 4-part seminar to learn how to minister to inmates.