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Share Some Love .

We are so excited that the “Share Some Love” day is almost here! We are glad that you have chosen to participate and help us pilot this in our conference.

We believe that everyone needs to know that they are loved. We also believe that God can use our young people to help others know this.

We need your assistance so we can continue to improve how we can best help you to create and plan meaningful ways for young people to share their faith and see it as normal to talk to others about God.

Please post some of your experiences to Facebook after the event (Tag us @FLpathfinders and @FLadventurers) so others can see how God used your young people to “Share Some Love”!

Here are some tips to making it a great experience:


PRIOR to the Date

1. Make sure you ordered the tracts/or purchased a similar tract (talking about God’s love)

2. Map out the neighborhoods where you will go with kids (lots of houses; stay away from gated communities)

3. Begin praying for the people in the homes when the kids knock and for the young people participating

4. Recruit adult staff or volunteers to walk/drive kids to neighborhoods; make sure you get phone numbers for all drivers


DAY of the Event

1. Review your supplies, maps, contact info and remind all adults/drivers/sponsors of the location/time to meet

2. Remind kids to come in their uniform (prefer Class A/could be field uniform)

3. Arrive early to meeting place; lay out supplies, maps, etc.

4. Start on time, give instructions, partner kids up (at least in pairs, no more than 3), and assign kids to drivers (keep a master list), pray as a group, and then … go out to the streets to “Share Some Love”



Always walk in pairs (with a partner) Stay in viewing distance of adult

Use sidewalks and driveways (stay off the grass) Never enter anyone’s home, for any reason

Knock confidently (but not obnoxiously); take a step back after you knock Smile and make eye contact

Speak up / speak clearly
If no one answers, still leave a tract somewhere on the door/handle (never in a mail box)

Invite each child to set a goal (pass out 20/30/50 tracts)

Remind kids, not everyone will be nice, but keep a positive attitude and God will bless them

Pray silently for the person (s) in that home as you approach the door Pray for your partner if they are the one talking

Challenge child to experiment and be bold (and get bolder as they get more practice)
Level 1: Knock on the door, hand person tract
Level 2: Level 1 +, say your name, introduce yourself/partner
Level 3: Level 1, 2 +, ask the person how they are doing, what is their name?
Level 4: Levels 1-3 +, Say, “My friend and I have come by today with a special message for you; we want you to know that You Are Loved. God loves you. Here is a little brochure that will tell you more about that.”

Level 5: Levels 1-4 +, Ask; “Is there something I could ask God to do for you? Would you like me to pray for you now?” Listen to what they say, and then pray about that, thank God for loving them.

Meet back at the church to share experiences and stories

Count up the number of left over tracts; send us details (how many participated? adults/kids? How many tracts were passed out?)

Ask the kids, if invited to do this again, would they say yes? What would make them more likely to say yes? How could more kids get involved? Then please send us their responses

Thank the kids for coming/participating Pray together

Thanks for participating in this “Share Some Love” experience! We have been and will be praying for you and both your Pathfinders/Adventurers.