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Southern Union Revolving Fund .

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Southern Union Revolving Fund

The Southern Union Revolving Fund (SURF) is a pool of money from members like yourself, deposited for the purpose of making funds available on a loan basis to churches and educational institutions in the local conferences of the Southern Union. All funds are held at the Southern Union.

Who can invest?
Any member of an SDA church within a conference of the Southern Union. Please contact your local conference.

Opening an Account
Minimum $ 1,000.00
Maximum $25,000

Interest Rate
2.5% per year for depositors

Quarterly Payments
Interest may be paid out on a quarterly basis once the balance reaches $ 10,000, or more.

Withdrawing Funds – no penalty
A portion or all of the funds may be withdrawn at any time without penalty. However, please consider this as a long-term investment. NOTE: Most withdrawal requests take 10 business days. Large withdrawals may take up to 90 days.

For more information, contact us at (407) 644-5000 x2242