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Tithe dollars come back to local churches in more than 20 ways

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Empowering nearly 300 congregations and schools from Tallahassee to Key West in their needs for acquiring property and building facilities where they can focus on mission to share the good news about Jesus.


Ensuring that tax-exempt status and regulatory compliance is uniformly maintained for more than 475 properties in Florida.


Offering legal expertise to all churches and schools on contracts, leases, governmental compliance and dispute resolution.


Unlocking access for churches and schools to more than $85 million in property and construction loans across the Conference.


Stewarding funds through contractor selection, verification and quality management hundreds of construction and improvement projects.


Working with more than 300 local congregations and schools to obtain proper insurance coverage and support timely claims processing.


Support contractor identification, qualification verification, and oversight for over (how do we find this number) construction and repair projects each year.


Training, equipping, developing and arming young people for the Lord to minister your community through your church.


Providing at atmosphere at your local church for young people where they can grow spiritually for life.


Your contribution it provide an affordable Seven Day Adventist Education to every child within at your local church.


Helping your local Seven Day Adventist School to financially afford the cost of each teacher.


Equipping women with information through programs that inspire them to reach full potential in Christ, empowering them to deepen their spiritual life, to place their faith in action by using their gifts at their service, thus becoming a significant part in the preaching of the gospel and in the work of advancing the return of Christ.


Producing material and providing learning opportunities within the philosophy of the church and the family, designed to enable parents to present biblical values in an attractive way to children and young people, helping them to increase the chances of successful to transfer of Adventist values to the next generation.


Resources are produced on a regular basis to fuel the spiritual growth of the children, and ongoing leadership training is carried out to equip the leaders and teachers of the children, so they can minister this group effectively.


Free estate planning for church members, which includes our Services as Fiduciaries, information on Asset Protection, Medicaid planning and Assistance with Life Estate Deeds.


Free Estate Documents for church member, including: Last Will and Testament, Durable Power of Attorney, Health Care Surrogate and Living Will.


Training for church members in numerous areas are available for Florida Congregations from Children’s ministry to stewardship, from youth ministry to soul winning, from caregiving.


Funds for Evangelism and outreach can be requested each year through your pastor by November 1.


Pastor’s salary is fully supported by tithe.


Volunteer lay Pastors are eligible to turn in expense reports for supplies and outreach materials


Church Planting funds are available for churches that are ready to multiply their mission.