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The Teen Leadership Training (TLT) program, an official part of the North American Division (NAD) Pathfinder ministry, and was created to help teen Pathfinders incorporate leadership skills and training into their Pathfinder experience.  Becoming a TLT includes partnering with an adult mentor who will help the Pathfinder discover more about who they are.  This is a step towards maturity and growing up into a leader.  The TLT program is structured under the Pathfinder club organization and is a four-year program for Pathfinders in Grades 9-12. In Florida Conference, our TLT Director is Kim Lucas.  She will be a key contact for each club.  Please make sure you register your TLT’s with the Pathfinder and Adventurer Department. The book for the TLT (A Program to Challenge Teen Pathfinders) can be purchase at the Pathfinder Store website.
Download the book: TLT Manual