Treasury Department Enables the ministries of the Conference to fulfill the mission of the church with financial structure and services. We provide timely, quality customized financial records that are designed to meet legal, policy, and programming requirements. We also provide service for churches and schools in the arenas of auditing, employee, and property matters.


  • Tithes and Conference Offerings
  • Accounts for Churches and Schools for a variety of services provided by the Conference, and for all Conference Departments
  • Accounting and financial reporting for Conference
  • Insurance purchases of many types; property, liability, employment (for all Conference employees), vehicles, students, etc.
  • Property Development for property ownership, purchases, financing, sales, tax exemptions and a wide variety of legal requirements
  • Agency deposit and investment services for churches, schools, trustors, etc.
  • Financial oversight for academies, camps, retirement center, etc.
  • Payroll services for all churches, elementary schools, academies, camps, retirement center, and Conference
  • Church and school auditing