Treasury Newsletter December 2014


It’s a time to celebrate family and friends, reflecting on the year gone by, the blessings of God, and

planning with hope for the year to come. And while it can feel like it’s also a time to go crazy with spending, that is only a short term high before the credit card bills will bring you crashing down.

Enjoy the festive time of year but don’t forget to slow down and enjoy the moments of peace, joy and hope and God’s ultimate gift of love to us all.

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We encourage all Treasurers to submit all

delinquent remittances so we may close out the year strong, with every church up-to-date. Please know you have our prayerful support in making this happen. The target date for clearing remittances is Jan. 10th, 2015. Every effort made to reconcile past due remittances will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for being wonderful stewards of God’s treasury.


Please remember to use our current address of: 351 S. State Road 434, Altamonte Springs, FL 32714. Also, be sure to make this address change at your bank if you use bank checks for your remittance.


The holidays can be a stressful time of year,

especially if you’re struggling with money. As we find time to take a break to give thanks for family and friends, make sure to keep perspective by counting the things that are going well in life and giving thanks for the things we often take for

granted, like love, laughter, freedom, clean water and warm shelter. (adapted from )


How do I get my signature to print automatically on the receipts?

1. Create a bitmap (BMP) file by scanning your signature. Crop the BMP file to its smallest possible size and do not clip out any of your signature.

2. Save the BMP file in the Documents/Jewel


3. In Jewel go to Maintenance/Properties/Church Info Tab. Click on the button at the end of the

Receipt Signature File box and

select the signature file. Click OK.

If you do not have access to a scanner, mail or email your signature to Myrtle:


Address: 5348 Old Hickory Ln.

Fruitland, FL 34731-6095



What do I need to do at Year-end

(either calendar or fiscal)

If there are Parent Accounts that you want to start with a zero balance for the new year (such as any excess Church Expense to a Reserve Account) the transfer must be made BEFORE the Month End Closing. Go to Reports and Graphs/Financial Summary and print a report manually to be used for your monthly board meeting. Then make the Transfers you wish for year-end before printing reports to close the month from the NextStep


BE AWARE that there cannot be any entries made between the Month End closing and the Annual closing. The computer will close the

sub-accounts if that choice is checked in

properties, and the treasurer cannot make any manual changes. All changes have to be made BEFORE the Month End closing. The settings in Maintenance/Properties/General Tab will

determine which sub accounts to zero out. Check appropriate boxes that apply. The choices are listed below:

All Sub Accounts: Every sub account will be closed into its parent account. If there is a sub account that should not be set to zero, go to Maintenance/Edit Accounts remove the check in the sub account box before printing the annual reports. After the Annual Closing, the account may once again be marked as a sub account.

Budget Sub Accounts: Only sub accounts used in the budget will be closed into their parent

accounts. Budget accounts are listed in

Maintenance/Edit Budget Allocations.

No Sub Accounts: Every sub account will carry its balance over to the new fiscal year. You will need to close out desired sub accounts manually with a Transfer before doing the Annual Closing.


Every little bit counts is a statement that bares much truth. Small dollars, given consistently, overtime can help establish a dependable financial structure. There are other ways support can be generated along with small dollars.

Volunteering is a way for everybody to make a significant contribution to their local church. You can encourage creative ways to support the local church budget such as donating time to defray maintenance costs, and hosting private events to

support local church projects. There are many ways to financially support without giving large sums of money, which is never discouraged, but through volunteering we can each raise the bar of support. (adopted from