Treasury Newsletter March 2015


We would like to inform you that our beloved auditor Myrtle Thomas has retired as of March 1st. She has performed her duties with exemplary integrity and we want to wish her God’s divine blessings upon her retirement.


Nancy Enriquez has graciously accepted the role of local church and school auditor to fill the gap left with Myrtle’s retirement. You may already be familiar with her as she was previously in the position of Senior Account-ant here in the Florida Conference for more than six years. We welcome Nancy to her new role.


Please utilize the following contact infor-mation for correspondence with our auditors:

Allan Andino – 407-272-1458;

Nancy Enriquez – 407-754-5184;

Alexandra Hichez-Alvir – 954-540-0644;



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Courtesy of Daniel Batin

Northern New England Conference of SDA



A donation of goods, etc., needs a letter signed by the treasurer thanking the person for the donation of (description of item or items) to the church. The church does not assign a monetary value on the letter. It is up to the individual and the IRS to determine the value. If they have a receipt (just purchased) and want to donate, then this can be done in Jewel. However, the church board should approve before receiving the item if it is of considerable value. Usually it is something the Board has already voted and the member buys but chooses not to get reimbursed, but wants on their receipt for tax purposes.

  1. In Jewel, write the donor an Electronic Payment check (isn’t tied to bank internet, just takes current number off check and as-signs a negative number). File the receipt as usual with the other church bills.
  2. Fill out a Tithe envelope as if the donor had signed the electronic payment check and given it back to you as a donation. Enter the envelope as an offering on a date other than a Sabbath (Not with regular offerings, because there is no actual money to take to the bank.)
  3. On the next bank reconciliation, clear the Electronic check and the Deposit for the of-fering as neither will ever appear on a bank statement.


Set a Goal. Make a Plan. Save Automatically. When you know what your current financial picture looks like, you can be more proactive in setting yourself up for future success. Try these simple steps to help yourself save suc-cessfully:

Assess Your Savings. Like your health, you should assess your savings annually to make sure your savings priorities are on the right track.

Evaluate your Savings Preparedness. Check off your savings accomplishments on the Saver Checklist to further evaluate where your savings habits need strengthening for your future goals.