2020 Camp Meeting Volleyball Tournament Registration Form

  • Must include 2 women.


  • At every worship service a token is given to each team member who attends.
  • 1 token = 1 point
  • Teams can only use up to 5 tokens per game
  • Tokens will be given to the refs before games 1 or 2. Tokens will not be accepted after game 2.


  • Tournament director has final word on all rules, regulations, and disputes.
  • Poor conduct, such as repeated arguing of calls, foul language, verbal abuse, or physical abuse will not be tolerated and will result in forfeiture of set or match or ejection from tournament.
  • Rally scoring (point-per-serve) will be used. Points per set (game) will vary depending on pool size.
  • Ties will be broken using the following:
    1. Set % of tied team
    2. Then, point differential between tied team
    3. Then, total points.
  • After hitting a ball, player may touch posts, rope, or any object outside the total length of net, provided action does not interfere with play.
  • During each set (game), each team is allowed 1 timeout of 30 seconds in duration.
  • There is no center line. A violation occurs only if a player impedes the playing ability of opponent through contact beneath the net.
  • A served ball may contact the net.
  • Hair touching the net is not a fault.
  • A serve may not be blocked.
  • A serve may not be attacked with downward trajectory.