Called to minister to all of God’s daughters, we reach out to women of every age to provide spiritual nurture, education, resources, motivation and inspiration to them. As we find innovative ways to encourage them to find their own calling and then equip them to see themselves and others through God’s eyes, to teach them how to support, encourage and motivate the women in their circles. Our ultimate aim is to show them the God who loves them unconditionally and foster the development of a personal intimacy with Him.

Get Involved

You can be a part of the Women’s Ministries Committee at your local church or to assist the Committee with one of the events they are conducting – perhaps a community outreach like a support group for single mom’s or divorced women, maybe a literacy class or a women’s health lecture.
Identify an area of need that is currently not being addressed and find someone to help you fill it. Maybe a class on simple car care, a support group for widows, take on the task of inviting new members to dinner or bring together a group of ladies who will intentionally minister to the new women in the church by planning a ladies night out once a month. Your imagination and creativity will provide a myriad of ideas.
Women’s Ministries provides a variety of Retreats and Workshops that will provide Spiritual Nurturing, training in Leadership, provide an innovative and spiritually rich environment for Teens, or encourage Young Adult Women to find ways to get immersed in their churches and ministries. All of these in addition the aforementioned Hope for Hurting Hearts Retreat for women who were sexually abused as children or are victims of Domestic Violence. (See info)
A Director of Women’s Ministries has an unparalleled opportunity to impact the church that she serves. In ministering to women and girls, she can teach, motivate, encourage, nurture, and in the case of her committee of volunteers, mentor and teach leadership.