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1 Club of the Year Requirements Deadline #

1 South Adventurer Bible Game (TBA)

2 North Fun Day (Gainsville SP SDA)

9 Easter

21-23 FL Conference Camp Meeting – English (CK)

28-30 FL Conference Camp Meeting – Spanish (CK)

30 New Kind of Leader Training (NKL)


20 World Adventurer Day

26-28 Red Zone (CK)


26 New Club Year – Director Orientation #1  (Virtual)


New Kind of Leader Training!

Red Tour is a collection of resources to help local leaders learn how to better love and minister to kids. It is a collaboration between Children & Family, Pathfinders & Adventurers, and Youth & Young Adult ministries. The Pathfinder and Adventurer Department will offer an online (ZOOM) training three times in 2023.

April 23 – Spanish (To register Click Here )

April 30 – English (To register Click Here)

October 22 – English

The title of this training is – A New Kind of Leader.

The goal of the training is to invite Club Directors and leaders working with kids to slow down to really examine what matters. And we will ask some difficult questions to test if we are “acting” like those things really matter. Invite all the adults in your church to join you to take the journey towards discovering what matters most to your church. Learn how to prioritize ministry to ALL KIDS through developing a strategy, working as a team, and connecting with parents. Ready to re-vision how you and your team impacts families … sign up!  And we strongly encourage your pastor to attend also.

Watch the Newsletter for info to sign up!

Adventist Robotics!

For more information: Click Here

Red Zone Registration 2023 is open NOW!

To register Click Here

March 30, THURSDAY, 1:00 pm (13:00 hrs.) – Red Zone LODGING will OPEN!


You MUST have an account with Camp Kulaqua to be able to book housing for Red Zone. Each church will ONLY be able to create ONE account with Camp Kulaqua to book housing. Make sure you have talked with your Director in Pathfinders or Adventurers. Know each other’s needs and decide who will do the booking for the lodging. ALL the details and information for how to create an account, make sure your account is active, and how to get a code from Camp Kulaqua to book housing – all found ONLINE at our website. Red Zone website has been UPDATED. This is your ONE stop, BEST place to het the info you need when you want it.

You will find several documents with details. Please read them all to be familiar with all the steps. AFTER you have read all the documents from Camp re: housing, if you still have questions, feel free to contact Stacy at Camp. (Here contact info is on the documents).

MARCH 30, 1:00 pm – Red Zone Lodging will open (and it will probably sell out in less than ten minutes). Be prepared. Do your best. You will notice this deadline for housing is now BEFORE the deadline for Early Bird closes (EB closes April 3, 1:00pm).

Red Zone Director/Secretary Orientation #1 / March 13. Recording is available on out Path/Adv Facebook pages and Youtube Click Here

See you at Camp Kulaqua in May!




The FL Conference PAD is prayerfully seeking a Mission Director. This is a PAC position. This individual is tasked with creating plans and opportunities for Pathfinders and Adventurers to get involved in missions locally and internationally.

If you have a passion for young people in Club ministries, a passion for mission, a passion for reaching people for God thru mission, are highly organized, and capable of leading teams of adults and kids in mission, please email your ministry resume to:


There is an opening on our team for a new Uniform Director. This person will serve on PAC (administrative council for Club ministries in FL Conference), which meets four times a year. They will be responsible to: update uniform manuals, offer training and uniform inspections, assist Clubs in seeing the uniform as a significant part of Club ministry, help PAC make wise decisions re: any matters related to uniforms, and be a voice to represent the needs and concerns re: uniform.

If you are interested, please submit a ministry resume, highlighting your experiences in Club ministries and uniform related matters.

GET READY to Lead Adventurers!

The Adventurer Club Starter Kit has everything you need to Lead!

For more details: Click Here

Adventurer Basic Staff Training Certification – Now being offered!

For more details: Click Here


Online Store is open all day for ONLINE orders.

Log in to place you order 24/7 at

Contact us during OFFICE Hours, if you need assistance/help. Currently our store is open for IN PERSON Customers ONLY on Tuesdays / Wednesdays.


Monday – 10:00 am – 1:00 pm / OFFICE Hours
Tuesday – 10:00 am – 1:00 pm / OFFICE Hours / IN PERSON HOURS
Wednesday – 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm / OFFICE Hours / IN PERSON HOURS
Thursday – 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm / OFFICE Hours

Fridays – CLOSED 

IMPORTANT: Orders may take 1-2 days to process/pack. Please wait until AFTER you receive email confirmation that your order is ready for pick up BEFORE coming to the office.

Also, we are limiting walk-in customers to one at a time in the store area during “in person” hours on Tuesday/Wednesday.


Church Accidents 

As you probably know, even small trips and falls in our churches can turn into law suits.  ARM recently published an article that is brief but informative on how to handle accidents at church functions.  See the link below.  Please feel free to share this with your Safety Committee and Board Members.

Click Here to Read More

Required For ALL Volunteers

The name of the Official Background Check System is now known as Adventist Screening Verification.
This is just a name change NOT a company change.

Please be sure your children are kept safe! Adults must be background checked prior to events.

Verify your volunteers today!

More Info: Click HERE

Social Media & Pastors

A presentation was given to the Pastors about using Social Media within the church. Click Here to see the PowerPoint.

Become an Officially Appointed Volunteer

We have opening as a/an…..

Click Here to see the Grid of Churches
Click Here to learn how to  become an OAV
Click Here for Cluster Coordinator Ministry Description


  • West Adventurer  Cluster 3
  • North Adventurer Cluster 1
  • North Adventurer  Cluster 3
  • Central Adventurer Cluster 1
  • Central Adventurer Cluster 2
  • Central Adventurer Cluster 3
  • Central Adventurer Cluster 5
  • Central Adventurer Cluster 6
  • Central Adventurer  Cluster 7
  • Central Zone B Adventurer Administrator
  • South Adventurer Cluster 3
  • South Adventurer Cluster 7
  • South Adventurer Cluster 9


Covid Resources Page – Click Here

Club Director Quick Resources – Click Here

Need help with the CMS/YMMS? Click Here

Resource Page – Click Here

Florida Conference Adventurer Page – Click Here 

These awards are a variety on NAD and non-NAD.

Click Here to View Awards Library

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