Florida Conference Department of Disaster Response

The FL Conference Department of Disaster Response would like to thank each of the churches that have contacted us with the desire to help with the crisis in Puerto Rico. Yes, the FL conference is helping. Our administration has decided to send $10,000 to the Adventist church headquarters in PR to help the brethren who are affected. We do not have plans to collect and ship items to PR at this time, but we will not stop any church or individual from collecting and shipping their items to PR. However, FL Conference is asking all churches to collect funds and send it to the FL conference for PR. Pastor Abdiel Del Toro, Director of Spanish-language Ministries in the FL Conference is authorized by the conference to create a direct money transfer line with the administration of the SDA church in PR. It is very complicated to send food and non-food items directly to individuals in PR. According to the public news channels, the true victims there may never receive donated goods. This is why we encourage the donations of money. Thank you all for your constant willingness to help those in need.