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Camp Ministries

Frank* was a new academy student who had severe learning disabilities. He spoke differently from the other kids. His eyes were crossed and his hair unkempt. He came from an impoverished home. He meant well, but no matter how he

In conversation with a church member after preaching at one of our services, we started a conversation about reopening the church after the pandemic. This church member had an interesting perspective on the pandemic. He said, “The pandemic has forced

My day began before sunrise at the Sanford International Airport. The airfield was lined with chairs, pop-up tents, and various booths, but void of people. I started unloading water bottles, and shuffling plastic totes of first aid supplies in preparation

I’ve read this verse so many times, but this morning it meant something different. I love that this verse starts with the phrase, “you will seek Me” and not “you might seek Me”… because just that one-word conveys an entirely different

By Alexander E. Schlussler Have you ever thought about which direction you are facing? Are you facing backwards or forwards? Are you looking at your past, thinking about the problems and challenges you may have encountered this year? Or, are you

Funding also supports organizations significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic throughout Central Florida. AdventHealth announced recently that it will support 14 Central Florida nonprofit programs in 2021 with an investment of $1.9 million. The funding is going to organizations significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic,

ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla., Jan. 19, 2021 — Ken Bacon has been named president and CEO for AdventHealth’s Multi-State Division, effective March 1. In his new role, Bacon will oversee the strategic direction, development and expansion of the entire division, which