The department of Development & Planned Giving was organized to assist members of the Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists with achieving their stewardship and estate planning objectives. Through the years, the staff has been privileged to serve thousands of constituents by providing them with information concerning stewardship and estate planning and directing them to proper legal counsel and other services.

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The Team

Phil Bond


Phone: 407-644-5000x2240

Email: phil.bond@floridaconference.com

Andrew Elliott

Associate Treasurer

Phone: 407-644-5000x2242

Email: andrew.elliott@floridaconference.com

Maria Pino


Phone: 407-644-5000x2241

Email: maria.pino@floridaconference.com

Giovana Shellhammer

Field Associate Director

Phone: 407-644-5000x2246

Email: gigi.shellhammer@floridaconference.com

Gloria Becker

Field Associate Director

Phone: 407-644-5000x2243

Email: gloria.becker@floridaconference.com

Luis Reyes

Field Associate Director

Phone: 407-644-5000x2244

Email: luis.reyes@floridaconference.com

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