Women Out Ministering to Every Neighborhood.

We are called to minister to all of God’s daughters. We reach out to women of every age through various programs that provide spiritual nurture, education, motivation and inspiration. One of the most important aspects of our ministry is healing education accomplished through weekend retreats specifically designed for women who were sexually abused as children or are victims of domestic violence. Our ultimate goal with every activity is to help women experience the love of Jesus which will enable them to become passionate witnesses of His love to others.

“Women are needed who are not self-important, but gentle in manners and lowly of heart, who will work with the meekness of Christ wherever they can find anything to do for the salvation of souls.” – Daughters of God p. 19.1

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Phone: (407) 644-5000 ext. 2151

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Dr. Ana E. Pérez


Phone: 407-644-5000x2151

Email: Annie.Perez@floridaconference.com

Upcoming Events

EndItNow Conferencia Sobre Abuso

Temas destacados: Abuso espiritual (identificando señales de peligro y entendiendo patrones de comportamiento Pasos prácticos para ayudar a la víctima Cómo evitar la revictimización Comprender a las víctimas secundarias y cómo ayudar Testimonio de un sobreviviente La conexión entre la pornografía y el abuso Intimidación, prevención y cómo discutirlo Violencia entre parejas íntimas (identificar situaciones...

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EndItNow NAD Summit On Abuse

Free livestreamed event! Featured Topics: Spiritual Abuse (identifying red flags and understanding patterns of behavior) Practical Steps in Helping the Victim How to Avoid Revictimization Understanding Secondary Victims and How to Help Survivor Testimony The Porn Connection to Abuse Bullying, Prevention, and How to Address It Intimate Partner Violence (identifying situations and ways to help)

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