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In his book, The Stress Factor, Dr. Harry Stanton says that the great enemy of human health is not danger, an emotional convulsion or an occasional crisis (like that of the Coronavirus). On the contrary, it is the extended, unrelieved state of worry and anxiety. There is no doubt that

By: Dr. Efrain Duany Jr.  One morning, Death was walking towards a city and a man asked: "What are you going to do?" "I am going to kill 100 people," Death replied. "That is horrible!" the man said. "That's the way it is," said Death. "That is what I do." The man hurried to warn everyone

Dear Florida Conference family, As a new month is upon us, we hope you remain well. We are so glad things have improved to the point that the state can implement a phased reopening, and eagerly anticipate the stage where our congregations can reopen safely.  Because our prayer is for steady

By Melissa Simmons When you do something repeatedly it becomes a habit; some habits become so ingrained that it becomes a way of life. This is the case for Scott and Gail Shelton of the Apopka SDA Church in Apopka, Florida. Once a year beginning in June 2007 and twice a year

Dear Florida Conference family, As a new week is upon us, we long for the return of normalcy.  While we originally hoped to reopen our offices and churches by April 30, at this time we are moving that date out further. Though around the country, public consideration is starting to turn

Dear Florida Conference family, We pray that you had a blessed weekend remembering our Savior’s great sacrifice and celebrating His resurrection. We have so much to be thankful for amidst this unsettling time. As we continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation, and many of us are anxious to get back to

The Gospel of Mark (chapter 4:35-40) presents a story similar to the one we are all experiencing today. The story begins with, “That day, when the night came.” Night comes to all of us at some point in life. That night comes after a day where peace and tranquility clear

Dear Florida Conference family, As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to weigh heavily on us, the reality of the times we are living in is very apparent. We are sure many of you feel the same as we do – Christ’s return cannot come soon enough! As we continue to follow government and

Dear Pathfinder and Adventurer Nation,We are living in a time where change is the new normal. Churches are closed. Hugs are virtual. Grocery stores are not stocked with all the things we are used to. Schools are closed. Events are cancelled. Curfews and lockdowns are in place in many counties.