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Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Officers Elected to Continue Serving Florida Conference at 72nd Constituency Session

On Sunday, October 9, 2022, the delegation of constituents from throughout Florida Conference overwhelmingly elected its three current officers to continue serving.

C. Allan Machado will continue serving as President/CEO of Florida Conference, Timothy A. Goff as Executive Secretary/COO, and Elisa T.M. Rahming as Treasurer/CFO.

“Let us not forget that those who persevere to the end will receive the crown of righteousness,” said Allan Machado in his President’s Report. “Therefore, press on. Never give up. God has never failed us, and He will never fail us.”

Press On, the theme for this constituency meeting, was touched upon frequently, including when mentioning Hurricane Ian relief efforts currently ongoing in southwest Florida, the COVID-19 pandemic, and challenges such as social unrest, political instability, and economic hardship. 

“Yet, we know with all our hearts and souls that not one of the good promises the Lord our God gave us has failed,” said Machado.

The 692 delegates present listened attentively to good news from Tim Goff: growth in membership, baptisms, and church organizations. 

“Since the last Constituency session, the Lord has blessed us with beautiful growth; 24 Companies were formed, 15 of our companies became churches,” said Goff. Statistical reports show that Florida Conference membership grew from 63,628 in 2017 to almost 68,000 in 2022. “Despite a pandemic, Florida Conference keeps growing.”

Tim Goff also officially welcomed the churches organized during this last constituency period, and their delegates, at the start of the meeting.

Praises to the Lord were heard throughout the Forest Lake Academy gymnasium as Elisa Rahming reported on God’s many blessings in the financial arena. Rahming conveyed a 71% increase in cash and investments, 24% in total assets, and 23% in net assets. 

“Let’s once again be reminded of the faithfulness of God over the past six years, your faithfulness— along with that of your fellow church members— in giving and returning to God a faithful tithe: 23% increase from 2016 to 2021. Amazing,” said Rahming.

“More resources mean more dollars for evangelism, missionaries in the field, our pastors and educators, and other workers who provide the necessary services so that mission can continue to be accomplished.”

In addition, the delegates appointed a new Executive Committee comprised of 13 lay persons and eight employees. Employees also include those within the AdventHealth system. Also appointed were members of the Florida Conference Association, the Association Board of Trustees, and the Constitution and Bylaws Committee elected during Regional Meetings. 

The Constitution and Bylaws Committee, led by Eric Allen, also brought to the floor several recommendations. After some discussion, all motions presented were carried. These include:

  • To move the Florida Conference and Association to a Quinquennial (five-year) schedule. 
  •  Including language in the Constitution and Bylaws allowing for electronic (virtual) meetings of the Executive Committee, Regular Constituency Meetings, and Regional Meetings, when deemed necessary.
  • Providing for the appointment of the Conference Executive Secretary to be the ex-officio chairperson (by virtue of their position) of the Constitution and Bylaws Committee.

After being unable to meet for two years due to the pandemic, the 72nd Constituency Session was a celebration of God’s faithfulness, allowing us to Press On. Drum Corps and Color Guard from Forest Lake Seventh-day Adventist Church led a processional to begin the meeting. 

Jim Davidson, Executive Secretary of the Southern Union Conference, gave the devotional. Other special guests from the Union included Ron C. Smith, President, who brought the Nominating Committee report to the floor, David Freedman, Treasurer, and Dave Colburn, Undertreasurer. 

A sentiment of looking to the future was shared unanimously by Machado, Goff, and Rahming. With God’s hand steering the ship, the Executive Committee begins orientation in November, and Vice Presidents, Directors, Associates, and Assistant Directors will be appointed by the new committee in December.

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